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The Sterling Heights Parks and Recreation Department strives to ensure that our residents and participants are able to enjoy recreation opportunities in a safe environment, which includes recruiting and hiring positive role models. Please review the attached list of background screening disqualifiers prior to submitting your final application and consent for a background check. If you are unsure about whether or not information from your report would disqualify you from participating as an employee, volunteer, or contractor, please stop and contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 586-446-2700. Please view the Background Screening Disqualification Criteria for volunteer coaches below: BACKGROUND SCREENING DISQUALIFIERS The following is a list of disqualifiers adopted by the Sterling Heights Parks and Recreation Department and the City-affiliated Youth Athletic Clubs. Individuals shall be disqualified from positions of manager, coach, or acting in the capacity of coach if they were EVER found guilty or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendre (no contest) of the following: Any crimes against children............... Immediate dismissal Any sexual offense............................. Immediate dismissal Any felony violence............................ Immediate dismissal In addition, individuals shall be disqualified for: - Any felony offenses other than violence and sex within the past ten years. - Any felony alcohol or drug-related offenses within the past ten years. - Any crimes of moral turpitude, as determined by a majority vote of the Background Qualification Committee within the past ten years. - Any misdemeanor violence offense within the past seven years. - Any misdemeanor offense that may indicate a lack of integrity and/or character of an individual within the past five years. - Any misdemeanor drug offense within the past five years, or multiple offenses within the past ten years. - Multiple misdemeanor alcohol offenses within the past ten years. - Any other misdemeanor within the past seven years that would be considered a potential danger to children or is directly related to the functions of that volunteer. Should any pending charges described above be uncovered or should any of the above charges be brought against the individual during the playing season, the individual shall be suspended until such times as the charges have been cleared or dropped and he/she is reinstated by a majority vote of the Background Qualification Committee. The City of Sterling Heights, the associated Sterling Heights Youth Athletic Clubs and its members are not responsible for errors or omissions that may be reported on the background checks. The Parks and Recreation Director or department designee shall maintain all authorizations and records or reports in a confidential manner. Please scroll down and click NEXT to begin your background screening.

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